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20 December 2014

Campaigning for Bishop Auckland General Hospital

Opening the new Berco factory in Spennymoor

Opening the Sure Start centre in Coundon

Talking to Carers in Barnard Castle

With children at the Sure Start centre in Shildon

Answering questions in the House of Commons

Opening the new Thorns Lighting factory in Spennymoor

Campaigning for Road Safety in Cockfield

Supporting farmers in Teesdale

Meeting new mothers in Bishop Auckland

Helen Goodman lives on £18 a week to prove ‘Bedroom tax’ unfair

Helen Goodman MP is launching a series of Youtube videos about life after the bedroom tax. From February 18th she will be living on a food budget of £18 a week and video-blogging about it each day. £18 a week is the amount some of her constituents will be left with to feed themselves after the introduction of the Bedroom Tax in April.

Helen Goodman says “It is completely unfair of the Government to introduce a Bedroom tax on the most vulnerable on the same day that they are cutting taxes for Millionaires.”

“It’s shocking that this Government seems content to leave some people with insufficient money to feed themselves. I now receive a lot of correspondence from constituents who are worried about how they will survive once the Government’s new ‘Bedroom tax’ is introduced. One woman wrote to me the other day. She is on Employment Support Allowance. In April, her benefits will change and she will have to pay £9.24 in bedroom tax. This will leave her with £22.96 for food, household goods and clothes. £5 of this budget will need to go towards non-food items, so on average she will be left with £18 a week for food and clothes. I am deeply concerned that this is not a reasonable or sufficient budget for food, which is why I intend to try it for myself to find out“

Across the country there are 660,000 households who will be affected by this bedroom tax, and many of them will have very little money left for food each week. Some will be forced to move, but many like my constituent will be unable to move for years, because of a shortage of housing stock. The number of people affected in my constituency is over a 1000 and there are less than 100 available smaller homes for them to move to.

Follow Helen’s progress on YouTube at

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